Our culture has been at war with the world for 10,000 years, wresting our food from it as if it were an enemy to be conquered, dismembered, enslaved, poisoned, worked to death, and discarded. Permaculture isn’t just another way of growing food, it’s a culture different from ours, a culture making peace with the world in every way. See it at work in this book. You’ll be astonished. I was.

– Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael

The most significant discovery of the space age is that we humans are, first and foremost, indigenous Earthlings. Sustainable (R)Evolution is a profound reminder of what it means to take on the responsibility this realization implies.  By detailing local applications of eternally regenerative design principles, it eloquently demonstrates the inspiring possibilities – and critical importance  – of synchronizing with the highly evolved patterns emerging from our home planet’s cycles of life.

–David McConville, Chairman, Buckminster Fuller Institute

This beautiful and thoughtful book reminds us that forward thinking people have always appeared when humanity needed new, courageous, and outrageous responses to crisis. We’re in a crisis now–one that sometimes seems impossible to surmount. But the people in the book give me hope. They are taking small steps in their own corners of the world to heal and rebuild and re-enchant our tender, vulnerable, and only earth.

Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder, Omega Institute, author of The Seekers Guide and Broken Open

In today’s sped-up, hyper-individualized, consumer-frenzied society, it’s hard not to feel off-kilter. Birnbaum and Fox’s book is the perfect medicine for the moment, offering guidance and inspiration to reclaim and repair our relationship with ourselves, our community and the planet. Put down your screens and pick up this book and you’ll feel better in the morning.

— Annie Leonard, Founder, The Story of Stuff Project

I’m inspired. Reading the stories in this book reminds me of the beautiful Greek Proverb that a society grows great when old people plant trees under whose shade they’ll never sit.  The people in this book are manifesting the future we want; they are planting the trees and growing the communities that will sustain the earth long after we’re gone.

— Adam Werbach, cofounder of Yerdle, former president of the Sierra Club.




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