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The Western Gate: [R]evolutionary Teahouse and Book Commons is a not-for-profit library, bookstore and community space dedicated to conversation and education about ecological design, alternative economies, health, and cultural transformation.

Our classroom and meeting space/treatment room is open for use  by local and visiting teachers, authors, healers and facilitators.

Contact us at to discuss having an event/class or to reserve the space.  Offer an event by donation as part of our calendar and we will split the donations with you.  Or rent the classroom and adjoining private meeting area for $20 – $40/hour, sliding scale.  You can also have our premium tea service at your private event for $10/person either at The Western Gate or at another venue in the Bay Area.

All events and classes offered through The Western Gate are by donation.
All proceeds benefit the operation of the Library and Community Space.

[Temporary Reduction of Activities]
In an effort to secure our limited foodservice permit, we are reducing our hours to make time to renovate our facility.  During the hours of operation we will not be serving tea, but will be selling tea in bulk, along with tea ware, and of course books.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We hope to resume normal hours and be fully operational in a few weeks.  In the interim, please visit us during the times listed below.  Our classroom will not be affected and events such as Community Movie Nights and Stand-up Philosophy will happen as 

Temporary Hours:
Wed – Sun   12-6

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Weekly Community Classes and Events

Tuesdays 5:30:  Tantric Hatha Yoga with Shakti Padmini (75 minutes)

Tantric Hatha yoga is an earth centered, shakti (creative force) honoring practice, bringing attention to energetic flow up the spine, body sensations, feelings and perceptions beyond.  It is a dynamic, yet ‘soft’ form of yoga, using mother Earth’s gravity and pleasure in expansion as allies. Riding the wave of breath to generate a slow, sensual movement and engaging your pelvic area, you will open up to heavenly stillness and blissful aliveness. Gentle enough for beginners, challenging for those who wish. All levels welcome!

Shakti Padmini is a certified international Hatha Yoga Teacher, certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher-healer, teacher of Sacred Flow, founder of Pinklotuss, ordained priestess of Isis Temple, doula, sacred dancer, author, artist and a devoted mom. She has taught Yoga since 1996, working with adults of all levels, pregnant/post natal moms and children of all ages. Her passion is in guiding others to realize their divine magnificence and to enjoy the fullness of life!

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Wednesdays 7pm:  Community Movie Night


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Thursdays 9:30am: Kundalini Yoga with Monique Grillet
(90 minutes)  

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient and sacred transmission of yogic teachings that serves to awaken the infinite essence of Soul, bringing guidance on how to be healthy human beings.


 Monique Grillet aka Sat Meher Kaur (Princess of Compassion) completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s training under the tutelage of Deva      Kaur in 2005, in the lineage of Yogi Bahjan and Guru Ram Das.  She has since been gratefully devoted to the linage of Kundalini Yoga and  has delivered these teachings at Yoga Mountain and the Kundalini Yoga Center in Fairfax. Upon completing a four-year sabbatical discourse, she is  now pleased to respond to her soul’s request to return to delivering these sacred teachings.


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Thursdays 7pm:  Stand-Up Philosophy with Bleu Buddha

M.C. Owens states a new theme each week and riffs on a variety of philosophical topics.  Bleu Buddha is a mood created by a playful engagement with profound ideas.  Akin to the Greek skeptics, doubt is practiced indiscriminately.


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Fridays 5pm: Candlelit Vinyasa Flow for Healing

Jazzy creates a spiritual yet playful and light-hearted environment for her students to uncover the deeper benefits of yoga. She is known for her kind and compassionate approach while simultaneously embodying a fearless warrior spirit. She has a way for connecting to her students that is both relatable and inspirational. Her classes are comprised of vinyasa flow yoga postures (asana), guided meditation (dyana), breath work (pranayama), music, poetry, and hands-on gentle assists. She invites everyone who walks into her classes to have fun, let go, and turn their gaze inward to unveil the brilliant light that resides within them. It is her greatest hope that her students will leave her classes with a joyfully singing heart. 

jazzy wong yogaJazzy is an energetic light who loves to share her passion for mindfulness, meditation, and yoga with her students. She is deeply committed to sharing yoga as a healing modality for trauma, addiction, and symptoms of mental illness. She has dedicated her life’s work as a Clinical Social Worker to bring yoga into prisons, jails, and juvenile detention centers. She has spent the last four years teaching at San Quentin State Prison with the Prison Yoga Project. When she is not in the yoga studio you can find her writing poetry, frequenting tea houses, paddle boarding in the bay, nurturing her veggie garden, or traveling to beautiful and tropical parts of the world

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Sundays 9am Hatha Yoga with Scott Traffas
(60 minutes) 

Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga –  Hatha Yoga is a system of Yoga designed to purify and balance the physical and subtle/emotional aspects of the body in preparation for meditation and absorption into the mysteries of consciousness.  In this 60min class we will explore traditional Hatha Yoga techniques such as:  asana (posture), pranayama (breath control), mudra/bandha (energy dynamics).

Scott Traffas has been studying and practicing Yoga for over 15 years.  His classes are informed by the Tantric and Ayurvedic traditions of India; and he draws special inspiration from the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.

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Sundays 5:30pm Candlelight Yoga with Mark Wax
(75 minutes) 

This candle-lit, evening class is geared toward a mindful transition to a new week with a slow yoga flow, breath awareness and traditional asana (yoga postures) adapted to the needs of students present.

Mark Wax is a certified teacher with 12+ years of experience in studying yoga and other meditative arts.  He is passionate about yoga as a vehicle for cultivating mindfulness and as a force of positive social change in the world.

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2nd Sundays 1pm-3pm:  Creative Writing Group with Jazzy 

Welcome to The Soul Collective! We are writers group that aims to heal the heart and awaken the soul through creative writing expression. You’re invited to a sacred space, which offers a casual yet structured dedicated time and space for personal growth, creative expression, and spiritual uplifting through reflective creative writing. Whether you love to write stories, prose, or poetry we invite you to be inspired by your fellow creative writers over a cup of tea and dessert. Each month the group is centered around a theme preselected the previous month by the group members. Each meeting will begin and end with a guided meditation.

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Sundays 4:00pm:  Earth Recovery:  12-Step Meeting, facilitated by Nina Pick

Please join Nina for a weekly 12 step study, writing, and discussion meeting focusing on: deepening into intimate relationship with our ecology; recovering from our addiction to technology, oil, consumption, and other potentially destructive behaviors; shedding light on unexplored emotional responses to environmental catastrophe—our blind-spots, denials, and unconscious patterns; and finding a sense of integrity, serenity, and freedom that is of true service to ourselves, our fellows, and the earth. We come together to explore these questions in a Twelve Step meeting format.  We will read the literature of AA and other Twelve Step fellowships, as well as spiritual and ecological literature from other traditions, to deepen our understanding both of our disease and the paths to healing.
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