Lagunitas Station, West Marin

The Western Gate: [R]evolutionary Teahouse and Book Commons is a not-for-profit library, bookstore and community space dedicated to conversation and education about ecological design, alternative economies, health, and cultural transformation.

All events and classes offered through The Western Gate are by donation.
All proceeds benefit the operation of the Library and Community Space.

[Temporary Reduction of Activities]
In an effort to secure our limited foodservice permit, we are reducing our hours to make time to renovate our facility.  During the hours of operation we will not be serving tea, but will be selling tea in bulk, along with tea ware, and of course books.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We hope to resume normal hours and be fully operational in a few weeks.

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Weekly Community Classes and Events

Tuesdays 5:30:  Tantric Hatha Yoga with Shakti Padmini (75 minutes)

Tantric Hatha yoga is an earth centered, shakti (creative force) honoring practice, bringing attention to energetic flow up the spine, body sensations, feelings and perceptions beyond.  It is a dynamic, yet ‘soft’ form of yoga, using mother Earth’s gravity and pleasure in expansion as allies. Riding the wave of breath to generate a slow, sensual movement and engaging your pelvic area, you will open up to heavenly stillness and blissful aliveness. Gentle enough for beginners, challenging for those who wish. All levels welcome!

Shakti Padmini is a certified international Hatha Yoga Teacher, certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher-healer, teacher of Sacred Flow, founder of Pinklotuss, ordained priestess of Isis Temple, doula, sacred dancer, author, artist and a devoted mom. She has taught Yoga since 1996, working with adults of all levels, pregnant/post natal moms and children of all ages. Her passion is in guiding others to realize their divine magnificence and to enjoy the fullness of life!

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Wednesdays 7pm:  Community Movie Night

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Thursdays 7pm:  Stand-Up Philosophy with Bleu Buddha [temporarily postponed until re-opening of tea house]

M.C. Owens states a new theme each week and riffs on a variety of philosophical topics.  Bleu Buddha is a mood created by a playful engagement with profound ideas.  Akin to the Greek skeptics, doubt is practiced indiscriminately.



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